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Campana National Park Panama
Panama Tourism
CAMPANA NATIONAL PARK is located about halfway between the
resort areas and Panama city on the eastern slope of the El Valle del Anton

The park covers about 12,000 acres and features views of the delta where the
rivers empty into the ocean. 

The park was established in 1966 and is the first national park of Panama.  The
park protects lands that are important to the operation of the Panama Canal. 
The park offers nature trails, hiking and a great opportunity to see many
animals, reptiles, birds and fauna. 

Visit the high point at 850 meters and take in the view of the coast for miles
and miles or stroll down the back side of the mountain for views of the lush
interior of the country of Panama.
Campana National Park
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Campana National Park Panama
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Campana National Park
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