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Gamboa Rain Forest
Situated in the heart of Panama, the Gamboa rainforest is an opportunity to experience the jungle first hand. 

The Gamboa Resort sits on a hill overlooking the beautiful Gatun Lake.  See the canal up close and cross the quaint, wooden one lane bridge into the rainforest. 
The road to the resort is spectacular as bamboo grows high on both sides. 

Visit the Summit Zoo in the rainforest for a chance to enjoy some of Panama's native animals up close.
Monkey Island

The monkey island boat tour departs from the Gamboa marina and goes
through the Panama Canal into secret waterways to find hidden islands where
the monkeys love to play.  Capuchin monkeys and Holwer monkeys can often
be seen leaping above the trees.  Occasionally, they become curious about
visitors and venture down to the boat to take a closer look.

This tour provides a unique opportunity to view monkeys in their natural habitat. 
The tour may also provide a chance to see sloths, many kinds of birds,
crocodiles and turtles that are native to the lake area.

The boat ride passes through the Panama Canal giving you the chance to see
big freighters and great container ships up close.

This is an enchanting tour ideal for nature lovers.

1 hour.


comfortable clothing, sunscreen, hat

Departure times:

10:15am 11:45am 1:15pm 2;45pm 4:00pm
white faced capuchin monkey
aerial tram
Price per person:

$ 50.00 + Tax


2-3 hours (including the Ecological Exhibition)

comfortable clothes, binoculars, water, hat

Departure times:

9:15 am - 10:30 am 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm (From Tues to Sun)

See life in the rainforest with our Aerial Tram rainforest canopy tour. See the birds and creatures of the rainforest from above while sitting comfortably in the seat of our Swiss-engineered aerial tram system.

You will glide smoothly over the tree tops experiencing firsthand the sounds of the deep tropical rainforest.
One of the Gamboa tour operators will accompany you to describe the flora and fauna that you will see. The 1.2 kilometer ride culminates at a hill top where you have the opportunity to visit the Observation Tower.
blue morph
Embera girls
You will be able to browse and purchase from their many local artisans.

Price per person: $55 + Tax.

Duration: 3 hours

Recommendations: comfortable clothing, sunscreen, camera, hat

Departure times: 1.00 pm

Minimum 4 People
If you are the adventurous type  and  
have an interest in ethnic culture then  
the Embera Indian Village at Gamboa  
Rainforest Resort offers you the  
opportunity to learn firsthand about their  
customs and traditions. 

You will be given an opportunity to  
appreciate their dance, their clothing  
and also a sample of their local cuisine.
Embera welcoming band
Fishermen are always impressed by the plentitude and variety of fish in GatĂșn Lake.

This lake is home to species such as peacock bass, tarpon and snook, and many others.
Since these fish are so plentiful, there are no limits nor restrictions.

One of our Gamboa fishing guides will take you and your party on a private
guided tour of the lake and show you the best spots.
You will be surrounded by the peace and tranquility of lush tropical forests and
will be able to enjoy the bounty that Gatun Lake offers for fishing.

Maximum 3 people per boat:

3 hours - $ 200.00 + Tax

6 hours - $ 280.00 + Tax

Recommendations: comfortable clothes, hat

Departure times: From 6:45 a.m. you choose the time!  Last trip to leave is at
1:30 p.m.
Gatun Lake Fishing
Gamboa kayak adventures
Do you love sports and the enjoy the peacefulness of being on the water?  

Go out on the Panama Canal and Gatun lake in one of our kayaks. 
Come and immerse yourself in this adventure!

Price per person: $ 50.00 + Tax.

Duration: 2 to 3 hours approx.

Recommendations: light and comfortable clothing and hat
Summit Zoo
Nestled in Sobernia National Park and bordering Gamboa Rainforest, the
Summit Botanical Gardens and Zoo is one of Panama's hidden delights.

The grounds cover an impressive 250 hectares and is home to over 15,000
diffent exotic plants and animals.  Many of these species are considered

The botanical gardens were founded in 1923 by the Panama Canal

The gardens are considered to have the best palm collection in the world. 
Follow long paths bordered by
tall bamboo on either side. 
There also rubber trees which
are fascinating how they seem
to meld together as they grow.
The zoo is home to a Harpy
Eagle which is Panama's
national bird.  It is believed that
there are only 20 pairs of this
species left in the world.  
Caiman crocodile
Happy Eagle
The zoo also offers people a chance to see a jaguar, parakeets, many kinds of
monkeys, a crocodile, anteater, turtles and many other species. 
Admission to the zoo is $2. 
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